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Cocoa really has been around for thousands of years...
So lets be grateful to the ancient people of Central America (Olmec and Maya) for believing that of all trees in paradise, the Theobroma Cacao was the most precious!
As the story goes, it was the gods who had generously revealed the secret of the cacao bean but it was the Olmec who discovered a passion for the unassuming beans hidden inside the fleshy fruit and who then went on to learn about grinding them for delicious consumption! They mixed cacao with cornflour and musk, flavouring it with chilli pepper, cinnamon and vanilla to form a drink known as Xocolatl. I think it probably tasted terrible, quite different to my hot chocolate, but it formed a base for all things chocolate to stem from!
Thank goodness!
It arrived in England in 1650 and the Chocolate Houses of London were born.
Fine Chocolate as we know it today is full with Flavanoids and Antioxidants, known for assisting in the prevention of heart disease and even lowering cholesterol. Then there ’s amino acids, great for a hangover and even containing aphrodisiac properties! Most of all, Chocolate can raise your serotonin and endorphin levels, perfect for simple pleasures and well-being, the main reason for enjoying it!