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Cabinet Chocolate and Gifts
35 varieties of English, French and Belgian Chocolates,
all handmade. Milk, Dark & White. Pralines and Giandujas.
Classic fondant creams and fruit ganache.
Laid neatly in a beautiful box, tied lovingly with ribbon.
Bag of 8 Chocolates £4.50
Ballotin Box (turquoise box, brown satin ribbon)
8 chocolates £6.95
12 chocolates £8.95
20 chocolates £11.95
Family Box (gold box, turquoise ribbon)
30 chocolates £16.95
Luxury Box (flat cream box, brown satin or turquoise organza ribbon)
Box 1 £20
Box 2 £25
Box 3 £30
Gesture Boxes
1 chocolate £1.50
2 chocolates £2.50
4 chocolates £3.50